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Our philosophy - Performance, Quality, Diversity, Humanity, Globalization and Ethics

As an aspiring young team, we have – from the very beginning - internalized and implemented the following guiding principles:

  • Performance, expertise and commitment are the fundamental orientation and benchmark for every employee.
  • Quality is considered from our side as the most important prerequisite for customer satisfaction and trust. In accordance with this, we make the biggest effort to establish long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
  • Diversity of products and services grants us a reinforced market basis and continuous success, independent of the fluctuation of the world economy.
  • Humanity stands ever in the centre of our corporate activities. Not only our customers and suppliers deserve our whole attentiveness. The management endeavours to create a congenial and constructive working climate inside the company.
  • Globalization has been pursued as one of our most important objectives. Except for Germany and China where we are based, we count worldwide more than 500 business contacts from more than 60 countries as our renowned customers and suppliers.
  • Ethics is understood as honesty, openness, frankness, fairness and social commitment from our perspective. It applies for every employee as much as for every customer and supplier. These values are in full accordance with our aspiration or rather expanding drive.