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What distinguishes us

In addition to our unique business concept and our promising corporate philosophy, we distinguish ourselves through a variety of special characteristics and competences. This ensures us sustainable success and continuous growth in the future.

A 100% German company

Fortuna Industries with headquarter in Frankfurt – one of the most important European financial and economic centres – is one of the very few “Asian importers” which can be regarded as a fully genuine German company from every aspect. Established and managed in thorough accordance with German law, we bear unlimited responsibilities in particular financially towards our customers. Therewith, we make a fundamental difference with other market participants. Furthermore, we have internalized and implemented western business customs and management. Even renowned German companies and global players with subsidiaries or purchasing offices in Asia value our benefits and become our regular customer.

Best China-expertise

Except for our numerous intercultural-educated and competent Chinese colleagues, our founder and CEO Mrs. Guoying Eder is considered as the personification of China-competence. As a native Chinese with long years of living in Germany, she ranks among the best China-Consultants in this country.

A multicultural and cosmopolitan team

With Mrs. Eder as CEO and colleagues from various countries, FORTUNA Industries is one of the most international start-up companies. No matter from which country, our whole team is distinctive cosmopolitan, intercultural and academically well-educated alongside with other outstanding qualities such as intellect, charisma, vision and horizon.

A 100% German quality management system in China

Quality ensures customer satisfaction and trust. As a result, claims which could ruin a company should be minimized. Therefore, we have been working hard in the last years – step by step and with greatest effort and commitment – to build up a quality management system in China that fully meets German standards. Our quality inspectors with years of experiences and in-depth product knowledge can match – without any doubt - with those of famous testing institutes such as TÜV.